10 Months of Giving: Our April Recipient, The One, Inc.


We're celebrating 10 amazing years of business here at Re-Bath of Arkansas! That's why we're proud to partner with KARK 4 News to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with 10 Months of Giving. Each month, you can cast your vote for one of four Arkansas non-profit organizations to receive a gift of $1,000 from Re-Bath of Arkansas throughout the remainder of 2016.

In April, we were honored to present a check in the amount of $1,000 toThe One, Inc. in celebration of our 10 Months of Giving on KARK 4 Today. 


The group's website outlines their mission to assist our neighbors in need:

The One, Inc.’s mission is simply to locate and love our unsheltered homeless neighbors, wherever they may be.

We primarily serve these needs by going to the people.  We visit current homeless camps, search for new camps, comb alleyways, check under bridges, and seek out people deep in the woods, etc. We take supplies such as food, water, clothing and hygiene products to people where they are.  The One, Inc. seeks to build relationships with members of the homeless community so that we may then identify barriers to obtaining income and housing, and help our friends move beyond their homelessness. We are dedicated to be relational, as opposed to programatic.

Groups of volunteers are utilized to collect, sort, organize and distribute in-kind donations.  This is done almost every day of the week, as our volunteers’ schedules permit.  Volunteers from many geographic areas work together to make this successful.

Needs are met mostly by in-kind giving from the communities in which we work.  Supplies and services are provided from our vehicles, which are maintained by monetary donations from the community and from fundraising that our volunteers do.

We use a a fleet of vans to distribute items to our friends in need.

In the future, we hope to expand our program as far as we are able to reach.  Included in that hope is our goal to have multiple “Vans” operating in various cities that present large needs among their homeless communities.  Understanding that each city will present a variety of needs, we will adjust our outreach as deemed appropriate for that area.

Another future goal is to have multiple mobile shower/laundry trailers that will allow homeless friends the opportunity to bathe and wash their clothing.  We plan to also make these trailers available to victims of storms or other disasters, who have no immediate means of bathing or washing their clothing


Re-Bath of Arkansas is honored to be able to give back to this incredible non-profit that gives back to our state through finding and serving our unsheltered and homeless neighbors, and we're proud to have them as our April donation recipient. To learn more about The One, Inc., visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theoneinc/.