5 Trendy Bathroom Faucet Ideas

Faucets can be the most aesthetically pleasing feature in your bathroom if you take the time to pick out the right one. This year people are gravitating towards minimalistic and utilitarian designs that evoke a sense of simplicity, relaxation and nature. Flaunt your style by keeping these five trendy bathroom faucet ideas in mind as you design your own bathroom. 


Waterfall faucets are modern and minimalistic. This design is all about accentuating the movement of water, transporting you to an actual exotic waterfall experience. Choose glass or metal material to keep this faucet looking fresh and sleek.


Bringing elements of nature into faucet design has become a trend for artists' this year. One of the most popular examples is Moen's bamboo faucet. It comes in a variety of muted tones with an open-top spout, mirroring the movement of a waterfall. For all of you outdoor lovers, this is a great way to bring a touch of the wilderness to your bathroom.


Take a futuristic, edgy approach to modern bathroom design by adding a LED faucet. Many brands are heat sensitive - changing colors and temperature according to the heat of your skin. These faucets are great for radiating light if you want to set an ambient mood.


Strip down your bathroom to the bare essentials with this industrial look. Utilitarian design, with copper and brass finishes, are becoming increasingly popular. It'll bring a masculine, blue collar look to your home.

Simple Curve

This timeless, simple style will never get old. A simple curved sink matches with all different types of bathrooms and bath accessories. These minimalistic curves create a calming, quiet atmosphere that will help you relax after a long day. White, almond and chrome are all popular colors for this clean choice.