5 Ways To Cut Bathroom Remodeling Costs

What if it was possible to create the bathroom of your dreams and keep your overall remodeling costs down? You don’t have to break the bank when you design your own bathroom. Budgeting is important, but so is being completely satisfied with your bathroom. However, you may be budgeting too much on certain aspects of your project. Here's our list of the top five bathroom features to either cut or downgrade, allowing you to keep your expenses down while achieving the look you want, courtesy of Re-Bath of Arkansas.



Don't move those pipes! Leaving the plumbing exactly where it is can save you a lot of money during a bathroom remodel. Your project will be significantly less expensive if you leave your plumbing alone, especially when it comes to a tub to shower conversion.



Lighting is a necessity, but it can be one of the most expensive changes you can make in your bathroom if not budgeted correctly. Instead of tearing down a wall to add a window or skylight, invest in the right types of fixtures and bulbs to provide good lighting. Also, don't underestimate the significance of simple lighting, such as lamps!



Mirrors can make a bathroom look beautiful, but they can also be extremely expensive. Rather than buying large, framed hanging mirrors, create a DIY frame on a regular, builder-grade mirror. Doing so can significantly decrease the cost of your bathroom remodel while also adding refinement and beauty to your bathroom.



Choosing tile for your bathroom and staying in budget is really a battle of wants versus needs. Tile is a worthwhile investment, but the cost per square foot can quickly add up. If keeping to your budget is a priority, consider whether new tile is truly a need for your new bathroom. Even though many homeowners would prefer natural stone tile, there are also beautiful and durable porcelain and ceramic options that are significantly less expensive.



If you’d like to fill your bathroom with extra shelving units, chairs, wardrobes, or other pieces of furniture, consider visiting garage sales, antique shops, thrift shops, or clearance sections to find good furniture at a fraction of the cost. You can refurbish, repair, or update the furniture and get the same beautiful look for your bathroom without going over your budget!


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