6 Bathroom Spots You're Forgetting to Clean


A clean bathroom says a lot about your house. But what about the spots where germs creep that we don't usually consider? Next bathroom cleaning, take a look at the following spots you might be forgetting.

1.) Light Switches
The first and last thing you touch when you go to the bathroom, smudges and germs build up on the switch over time. Give the switch a quick swipe with a disinfectant wipe next time you clean your bathroom.

2.) Fans
Dust collects in your bathroom vent and fan. To keep clean air circulating, clean out your fans periodically. A good tool to use is the extension on your vacuum to suck up the dust. If it still isn't circulating properly, remove the cover and clean the fan blades with a damp cloth. You might also clean the fan casing by soaking it in warm water. When the fan dries, reassemble and enjoy!

3.) Shower Curtain
There are two ways to go about this. One is to rinse hair products and soaps off the curtain after each use. Spread the curtain afterwards to let dry. Or for a deep clean, read the washing instructions on the cleaning tag. Most curtains can be added to the towels in your next laundry load. With one of our walk-in tubs, you don't have to worry about a clean shower curtain.

4.) Bath Mats
Bathroom mats lie on the floor where most of the grime is. They also usually get wet, and in that damp environment they can develop mold and mildews. Check out the washing tag on your mat, it can probably be thrown in the washing machine. Consider washing it separately from clothes and sheets - especially if there is a rubber backing - it can cause funny smells to get into your other laundry.

5.) Hair Brush
Over time, grime builds up in hair brushes when not kept clean. Remove hair build up on a consistent basis, and rinse with warm water. To make your hairbrush look new again, lather it with shampoo, and use an old toothbrush to clean down between the bristles.

6.) Medicine Cabinet
This area often gets overlooked, but it holds a lot of the products we use. Give it a good wipe down and dispose of any products or prescriptions you aren't using or have expired.

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