Bathroom Remodeling 101: The Secret to Perfect Paint


Painting a bathroom takes time, effort, and creative maneuvering of your brush to fit into various nooks and crannies, but it’s a completely worthwhile endeavor if you’re looking to transform your bathroom. But before you crack open that paint can, here are a few guidelines to follow that will save you lots of stress and help you avoid mistakes during the process.

Testing, Testing

Paint is expensive! Before you invest in that entire gallon of paint, take advantage of color samples from your local home improvement or paint store. Go ahead and gather up those paper swatches you can take home for free, and dedicate a little bit of your budget to purchasing small samples of your favorite colors to test on your actual walls. Remember, colors may look different in your bathroom than they do on the swatches due to lighting and various other factors.


 How Much Paint Do I Need?

There’s nothing quite like getting this close to finishing your bathroom remodeling project only to run out of paint before the job is done. To avoid a trip to the store for another can or, on the flipside, end up with more paint than you actually need, use this helpful paint calculator tool to help you estimate how much you really need.

Do you also need primer? If you intend to paint over an extremely dark color with a lighter one, you will likely want to pick up enough primer to completely cover the old paint color. Many paints now feature built-in primer, but it is usually more expensive. It’s really a matter of personal preference, and the experts at the paint department should be able to assist you further.


Preparation Is Key

Don’t skimp on supplies! Make sure to invest in drop cloths, high-quality painter’s tape, and good brushes and rollers. You may save money, but you won’t save on frustration. Once you have purchased your supplies, take good care of them. Make sure to properly wash out your brushes after use until the water runs clear. You’ll also want to make sure the lid on your paint can is totally sealed for long-term storage of any leftovers, just in case you need a touch-up down the road.

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