Bathroom Remodeling: All About That (Shower) Base

Been considering bathroom remodeling lately? One of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you're going to update or replace your existing tub or shower. With Re-Bath of Arkansas, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs and personal style with our exclusive tub or shower bases.


Tub or shower? Read on to learn more about your replacement options.

What's DuraBath SSP?

It's one of the newest, most durable bathroom materials on the market, and it's exclusive to Re-Bath products. Because it’s a solid surface, there is no cracking or chipping like you'll have with grout, and it's also mold and mildew resistant. You'll find it used in our tub and shower surrounds, shower wall panels, bathroom showers, bathroom stalls, and on bathroom walls to minimize the upkeep of your bathroom. DuraBath SSP requires very little maintenance and can be cleaned with the same glass cleaner you use on your shower door and shower wall panels.

Even better? DuraBath SSP comes with a lifetime warranty covering both the product and installation - guaranteed.


Our Bathtub Replacements

Our DuraBath SSP bathtubs are perfect replacements for ugly, cheaper units, offering numerous advantages over cast iron, pressed steel, and fiberglass. The durable, high-gloss surface will not dent, rust, peel, or crack. It's also warm to the touch, meaning a more comfortable bathing experience for you. The result is a high-gloss finish that provides years of lasting beauty with minimum maintenance. Jacuzzi and hydromassage whirlpool bathtubs that bring the world-class spa experience home are also available.


Our Shower Bases

Re-Bath of Arkansas also provides shower bases that are perfect for bathtub replacements. An innovative combination of beauty and durability, their lustrous, non-porous surface will keep its brilliant shine for years and is easier to clean than a fiberglass unit. They're also available in a variety of sizes to meet your construction or renovation needs.

Whether you're in the market for a walk-in shower, tub-to-shower conversionbathtub replacement, or a walk-in tub, we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Even if you're limited on space, you're certainly not limited on style! Re-Bath of Arkansas offers a lifetime warranty on all of our DuraBath SSP products, and in-home estimates are always free.

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