Design Your Own Bathroom Like A Pinterest Pro!

Your bathroom should be a rejuvenating sanctuary. A place to recharge and soak in a hot bath or shower. So taking time to design your own bathroom the right way is imperative! We've gathered helpful tips and tricks to help you design your own bathroom like a Pinterest pro! 

Maximize Small Space

If you've got a small bathroom, don't let it limit you from being creative and fun with your design. Take advantage of the corners in your bathroom for your sink or storage for shelves. If you're a saver - not a spender, consider using old mason jars to store toiletries. 


Color Coordinate to Complement You

When it comes to setting the right mood in your home, picking a great color is essential. Let your bathroom color represent your unique personality!


If you're going for a timeless, quiet, classical feeling - consider using grey. If you want to evoke a soothing, lightweight, positive expression - consider going with a calm green or blue.


If you've got an energetic, happy, warm and easing going personality - a coral or pastel yellow color will perfectly compliment you!


Noir and teal both make bold, confident statements. If you're wanting to come across as strong, stylish and prestigious - go with noir, but if you prefer feeling serene, cool, tasteful and sophisticated - teal is a better choice.

Take Advantage of Lighting

Take advantage of natural light and mirrors to create an open, light atmosphere. Mirrors reflect light, so the more mirrors you have in your bathroom the lighter and warmer it feels. You can also create a dreamy, soothing mood by using LED light in unusual places or by simply adding more candles near your tub. 


Creating the perfect bathroom can make all the difference in your home. We've given you the right bathroom design tools to enable you to be innovative no matter what your budget or bathroom size is. Need more bath ideas to spark that creative plug? Download our FREE Bathroom Idea Book!