Durabath SSP: An Exclusive Re-Bath Product


At Re-Bath we set the bar high in customer service, fast installation, quality products and a wide variety of bathroom designs. While other bathroom remodeling companies may try to argue this fact, we have one special product that undeniably makes us the best of the best - DuraBath SSP.

What is it?

DuraBath SSP is a solid surface polymer used exclusively on all Re-Bath LLC products. We teamed up with Spartech, (the word's largest solid surface polymer and acrylic company) and came up with this top of the line formula to guarantee a lifetime warranty on all our products. Because Re-Bath is the ONLY bathroom remodeling company in the country to use this product, we keep the formula closely guarded to ensure our products continue to surpass all other manufacturers. 

Why is it Better Than Acrylic?

Most acrylic based products used on tubs and showers are going to last around 15-20 years. DuraBath SSP however, is heat reflective, non-porous, durable, impact resistant and easy to clean. Not to mention, it's UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tested. UL is a global inspection company in charge of maintaining and testing the safety of the world's most advanced technological products. With over a century of experience, their certifications hold a lot of weight. 

Thermal Expansion Sealant

Re-Bath uses Thermal Expansion Sealant, also known as TES, for all of our DuraBath SSP products. It's rubber like quality prevents it from cracking or drying out over time so water won't seep into the walls or liners of your bathroom product.

Products We Carry

We offer a variety of DuraBath SSP shower bases, bathtubs and wall surrounds with alarge selection of colors and designs. If you're interested in purchasing one of our products, contact us online for a FREE estimate and we'll help you get started. You can also visit our showrooms in one of our three locations: Little Rock, Fort Smith and Jonesboro.