From Drab to Fab in Your Dorm Bathroom


Getting your student ready to ship off to college this fall? If they'll be residing in a dorm, then it's also time to get ready for the struggles of dorm bathroom organization. Basically, it's the tiniest bathroom space ever, and it's usually shared by guys or gals who all have different opinions on where the shampoo bottles should go and where to put the wet towels. What could possibly go wrong?

Here are several bathroom ideas for keeping that dorm bathroom so fresh and so clean, courtesy of your local bathroom remodeling ideas experts at Re-Bath of Arkansas!

Hook 'Em

Removable hooks in the bathroom, whether on the door, the walls, or by the sink, are absolute lifesavers. Not only do they help keep wet towels off the floor, they also help when you're tight on space and don't have an efficient system to store clean linens. Whether it's a towel, bathrobe, or loofah, definitely invest in a few of these.

Removable Door Hook in Nickel, Available Online at HERE

Removable Door Hook in Nickel, Available Online at HERE


Your Friend, The Shower Caddy

For those sharing their dorm bathroom with multiple individuals (and for those who don't want their roommate borrowing their conditioner), pick up a durable shower caddy for the new school year. If tripping over toiletries is a definite possibility, caddies work well either as the handheld variety (allowing bottles to be carried in and out of the bathroom and stored elsewhere) or as a installed fixture inside the tub or shower itself. Consider adding an extra suspension rod inside the shower so extra baskets can be hung, which also doubles as another place to hang up towels or washcloths.


Mmm, Scented.

Never understimate the power of a good air freshener. If you've got to go and don't want the roommate to know, stock up on the smell-good supplies (like our perennial favorite, Poo-Pourri). A good air freshener also helps alleviate odors from bathrooms that don't have a lot of ventilation, which is true for most dorm bathrooms. These days, you can also find some really cool essential oil misters (also called diffusers) which are flame-free and time-release your fragrance of choice. Just remember, no candles allowed!

Aroma Color Oil Diffuser, Available Online at HERE

Aroma Color Oil Diffuser, Available Online at HERE


A Pop of Color

Dorm bathrooms can be soooo boring. Give that blank space some personality without making any permanent changes by choosing fun towels, a bright bathmat, or even some artwork attached with removable hangers to spruce up your space.


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