How Walk-In Tubs Work

The walk-in bathtub is becoming a dramatically growing trend for those looking for a traditional bathtub replacement. Here at Re-Bath of Arkansas, we carry our own line of walk-in tubs, in addition to the most reputable national brands.

If you are looking for a safer, more comfortable bathing experience, maybe a walk-in bathtub might be the solution you've been looking for.

Perhaps the most common questions we hear from those considering a bathroom remodel is regarding their operation and features. Read below for an overview on these specialty tubs, their features, and care instructions.


Most bathing injuries occur when the individual is entering or exiting the tub or shower. That's why we've designed our tubs with safety in mind. First of all, the door is extremely easy to open and close, eliminating the need to lift the individual's legs. The latch mechanism is simple and comfortable to operate, and only a very small step is required for the individual to enter the tub itself. The door is highly secure and will not leak water onto the bathroom floor once in its proper closed position, and the natural pressure from a filled tub will reinforce the sealed door.

Once inside the tub, the individual can begin filling it with water to his or her comfort level in terms of both depth and temperature. Afterwards, the draining process only takes minutes so that the individual is not left seated in the tub to become chilly and uncomfortable. It is important to note that our high-quality, fast-draining tubs stand apart from competitors, whose inefficient tubs can take upwards of fifteen minutes each to both fill and drain.

Open Door Position


Closed Door Position



Our exclusive line of walk-in tubs offer:

  • Easy-access swinging door reduces tripping and slipping
  • Nearly 2 ½ feet of water depth makes bathing upright relaxing
  • Comfortable seat and foot rest
  • Easy-to-reach faucets and multiple grab bars
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • Industry-leading filling and draining times
  • Available jetted system soothes away muscle and arthritic pain
  • Patented DuraBath SSP material resists mold and mildew and won’t crack, peel or fade
  • ADA compliant and industry certified


Here at Re-Bath of Arkansas, we offer two showrooms - one in Little Rock and one in Fort Smith - that allows you to try out our walk-in bathtubs before you choose to schedule a free estimate. We encourage you to visit with us and practice entering and exiting the tub, in addition to learning about additional features our tubs offer, such as grab bars and seating. 

Contact Re-Bath of Arkansas today for an absolutely free in-home estimate! Need some inspiration before you get started? Click here to download our Bathroom Ideas Book now.