Re-Bath Of Arkansas: We're Practically Neighbors

Re-Bath is a national brand. Great business. Great products. Great customer service. What people may not know about Re-Bath is that Re-Bath of Arkansas is locally owned and operated. So, we have that next-door-neighbor feel. We're here for you just like a neighbor would be and we guarantee that you'll be happy when you select Re-Bath of Arkansas for your next bathroom remodel project.

We are down-home and friendly with everyone and our products and quick remodeling process is top notch! We take you step by step through the remodel process from the designing to the cost to the completion of your remodel. Our products are quality and we offer a lifetime warranty on them as well. Oh, and our remodels only take less than 48 hours. And aside from the brand new bathroom, you won't be able to tell we were ever there because of our immaculate clean-up process. Could you say that about your last bathroom contractor?

The Re-Bath of Arkansas process is simple and fun. We'd love to lend you a hand!